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A Public Speaking Coaching
and Media Training Company.

Welcome to


A Public Speaking Coaching
and Media Training Company.

Become a more compelling and confident presenter

How we can help you

Public Speaking

We'll help you present the best, most authentic version of yourself when speaking in public. We'll work on improving your confidence and refining your key messages. We cover voice control, body language & hands, managing nerves, and impromptu speaking.

Corporate Training

We provide on-site seminars or workshops for your employees and executives. We create tailor-made programs that improve confidence, clarity, and presentation skills. These are designed to encourage team building, enhance storytelling dynamics, elevate phone/video conferencing, and more.

We run one-on-one sessions and group workshops designed to help you be a better speaker in front of any audience!

Learn how to be an authentic, confident and engaging speaker in the workplace, job interview or for a keynote speech! We specialise in assisting executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who need to nail their presentations without the nerves.

With our presentation skills training and coaching you can achieve outstanding results, whether you have to give a speech, present to a large audience or go on camera to do a media interview. Our workshops are tailored to your specific requirements and experience level. Presentation training can be conducted one-on-one, or in larger groups.

We run regular group workshops in Newcastle and Sydney.

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We will ensure you feel more confident in front of any audience.


On-camera media interview coaching.


Discover why leadership training is important to boost your career.


Interview preparation is the key to job interview success.


Strengthening your child's communication skills.


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Did you know that you can begin to teach your child how to speak in public from the moment they begin to talk? It doesn’t matter if they need it immediately or not, it will be a useful skill in the future. Excellent public speaking skills will help them stand up for themselves, boost self-confidence, and even do better in

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How to speak to a bored audience

The worst thing that can happen to a public speaker or MC is to have your audience yawning or acting bored throughout the presentation. Not only will this give a substantial hit to your self confidence, but it might also deter you from pursuing this craft in the future. So, how can a public speaker prevent boredom from ruining the

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Never use the words “No Comment”

I can probably think of no two worse words to say to the media than ‘no comment’. There is no exception, NEVER under any circumstances, to use these words when doing a media interview. Why? Because not only does it sound as though you are hiding something, but it also becomes a quotable news ‘grab’ or a quote which can be

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