Job Interview Coaching

Preparation is the key to job interview success


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One-to-one coaching available for your next job interview. This is available as a single mock-interview session or multiple sessions.

What is interview coaching?

For most people a job interview is a challenge and especially so in the current economic climate. However with Interview Coaching you can make sure that you arrive at your interview fully prepared and confident.

Our interview coaching is customised to you; we tailor the service to match the job you are being interviewed for, we deal with specific issues and we work with you to achieve your objectives.

You get a dedicated interview coach:

When you book with us, we appoint a dedicated interview coach to work with you on a one to one basis. They will have experience in your sector and they will help and guide you at every step of the interview process.

Who is interview coaching for?

Have you got an important interview coming up? Are you having problems securing a job offer? Perhaps you are getting to that first interview but no further? Do you find that you have difficulty selling yourself or unsure just what to say in an interview? Maybe you suffer from interview nerves and worry about making mistakes?

Whatever your situation, our Interview Coaching will help. We have worked with candidates from all levels and in all jobs, from top executives to new graduates, in the private and public sector and all with very successful results.

Interview preparation is the key to job interview success

Even if you have outstanding professional achievements and impressive educational background, a strong interview performance is critical to the success of your job application. The most qualified job applicants sometimes don’t get accepted,  because the impression they made during their job interview was…not good.

Our job interview training and coaching is proven to work. You will be fully prepared, you will have a really good idea of the questions they will ask and best of all you will be able to answer confidently and successfully. With the live feedback you will know the mistakes you are making and receive training on how to overcome them.

Interview coaching can help you deal effectively with any interview question or any interview type. We work with you to help you shine and to overcome any weakness you bring. We coach you on a 1-2-1 basis in a 1, 2 or 3 hour session either face to face or by Skype or telephone to anywhere in the world.

You will develop your interview skills in a friendly supportive environment and learn how to excel in interviews and win jobs.

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