Top 10 tips to improve your child or teenager’s confidence and self-esteem

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The earlier the better!
Public speaking for kids ages 7-12 and young adults ages 13-18

Our public speaking training now extends to include children suffering from a lack of confidence, or for teenagers who may need to increase their public speaking or job interview skills.

Our courses provide maximum focus on strengthening your child’s communication skills immediately so they can become strong, articulate and confident communicators in their young and adult lives.

Your child will learn:

  • Strong articulation skills
  • How to strengthen vocal impact
  • How to organise arguments and ideas into structured speeches
  • Confidence in speaking both in conversation and to a group
  • Presentation skills
  • A clear and focused speaking voice
  • Positive body language

Your child will learn how to manage nerves when public speaking, they will learn how to speak ‘off the cuff’ and answer questions and they will learn top tips so they can develop a compelling speaking style.

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