Public Speaking Training

Learn to feel more confident in front of any audience.


Boost your income by becoming your own PR Agent

Learn how to be an authentic, confident and engaging speaker in the workplace, job interview or for a keynote speech!

Whatever the occasion, with the right presentation skills training and coaching you can achieve outstanding results.

Our public speaking skills training can be conducted one-one-one or in a small group as part of our regular MasterClasses.

If you require ongoing coaching you may consider signing up to one of our retainer packages where Jaimie Abbott is on call to coach you and rehearse with you ahead of presentations you may be required to do.

With public speaking training you will learn to:
  • Make a great first impression.
  • Learn how to develop key messages and deliver them.
  • Successfully handle difficult questions.
  • Feel confident.

All presentation performances are recorded for instant play back and critique. Training handbooks will also be given and can be kept for future reference.

Presentations workshops are tailored to the specific requirements and experience level of the participants. Presentation training can be conducted one-on-one, or in larger groups.

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